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Historian Second World War

Valorisation of

World War II heritage

As an expert of the German armed forces between 1939 and 1945 and of the German prisoners of war of World War II, I realise historical reports and exhibitions as well as popular science publications, accompanied by public lectures, for local authorities and museum – for example within the framework of projects for the valorisation of historical heritage and archaeological excavations.


This work is carried out through exhaustive research in archives and libraries, in order to identify German troops and characterise their behaviour in the occupied regions, draw their route during the war and get to know their sociological profile, in France and in Europe.


The specialty of my work, which adopts a resolutely entangled approach, taking into account the point of view of the occupied populations as well as that of the German soldiers in their everyday life, consists in scientific communication that satisfies both the well-informed public and beginners.

As a honorary service, I accompany "war children" during their research, for example by putting them in them touch with relevant associations and archives centres.

Among my partners:

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